Citizen Who Gunned Down Would be Robber Found to Have Been Justified

[Photo Credit: by Tony Webster]

An armed robbery suspect that was shot dead by an armed customer at a Houston taqueria last week in a shooting that, according to one local criminal defense attorney, reportedly appears to have been justifiable under Texas law.

The man, subsequently identified as 30-year-old Eric Eugene Washington, stormed inside the business brandishing what seemed to be a pistol and demanded money and wallets from customers.

As Washington passes the armed customer on his way out the door, the client stands up and fires nine rounds at Washington, killing him.

Following the incident, Houston Police published information about the armed customer, stating that they were attempting to find and interrogate him as a “person of interest” in the killing.

Days later, the department said that they had located the gunman and had sent the case to a grand jury without prosecuting him or revealing his identity.

Houston District Attorney Kim Ogg, whose candidacy was funded by the network of progressive billionaire George Soros, has been chastised in the past for what some see as soft-on-crime tactics.

Following the incident, it was established that the gun Washington was carrying was a fake plastic pistol, which does not legally impair the customer’s right to self-defense.

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  1. Glad he was not prosecuted. Good shooting but I think I would have stopped before pumping nine rounds into him.

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