Maine Stops Bill That Would Have Let State Take Kids Away to Receive Transgender Surgeries

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A bill that would have authorized the state to assume custody of minors who are unable to obtain transgender medical services was defeated in the Maine legislature.

The joint Judiciary Committee of Maine condemned the “Act to Safeguard Gender-affirming Health Care” (LD 1735) by a vote of 12-0 on Thursday.

As a result, the measure is doomed and will not be put to a vote on the floor of the House or Senate.

The proposed legislation would have granted the state the authority to temporarily assume emergency guardianship of children who are unable to access transgender sex-change services, such as genital surgery, puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormone therapy, but desire such services.

The measure would additionally impose a prohibition on the arrest or extradition of an individual by law enforcement on the basis of a warrant issued by a state that prohibits transgender medical interventions for children.

Republicans voiced significant apprehensions regarding the measure prior to its committee vote, with some contending that it would permit transgender medical interventions for out-of-state children in Maine without parental consent.

State Representative Laurie Osher, a Democrat and the leader of the LGBT Equality Caucus in the legislature, is the primary sponsor of the measure.

At least six other legislators also expressed their support for the legislation.

On Thursday, Osher declared her unwavering commitment to advocating for individuals seeking transgender medical interventions.

Following the vote to reject the measure, the numerous attendees of the hearing began to applaud.

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