Legendary Journalist Reveals That U.S. was Responsible for Blowing Up Nordstream 2 Pipeline in Bombshell New Report

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According to a stunning new report from legendary journalist Seamour Hersh, it appears the previously unknown actor behind the sabotage of Russia’s underwater gas pipeline ‘Nordstream 2’ has now been identified as the U.S. government.

Hersh claims, citing an unnamed source, that the attack was secretly planned and carried out on orders from the Biden administration who sought to use the move to weaken Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Hersh the attack was carried out by U.S. navy divers during a NATO summer exercise called  BALTOPS 22 which occurred in the same area as the Nordstream pipeline months before the actual attack.

According to Hersh’s source U.S. navy divers used the exercise as cover to plant explosives on the pipeline. Explosives that were allegedly detonated months later on orders from President Biden.

Hersh claimed that the Biden administration’s planning for the attack began as early as 2021 in preparation for a Russian invasion which the administration believed was imminent.

The attack was allegedly carried out by Navy divers and not special forces operators in order to avoid having to report the action to Congress and thus avoid potential leaks.

According to the source, Biden’s team were dead set on keeping the U.S.’s direct involvement in the attack top secret, as if it was traced back to America it could reasonably be perceived as ‘an act of war.’

The bombshell report sent shockwaves across social media on Wednesday with many prominent accounts point out the lack of coverage the report had so far engendered.

Reuters claimed it was unable to corroborate Hersh’s reporting on the matter and the White House reportedly vehemently denied the story when asked about Hersh’s claims.

Hersh is best known for his reporting on the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize, and for his coverage of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq.

Throughout his career Hersh’s reporting has often focuse\d on controversial subjects, such as the intelligence community, the military, and foreign policy.

Hersh is also known for his skepticism of government narratives and his willingness to challenge official accounts, going wherever the evidence may lead him regardless of the consequences.

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  1. Not the US….(Biden, Obama, Deep State, CIA)……That’s who did it…..lets be clear about that….. it not the US, we have nothing to do with those sick, perverted fools…They’re in their own World, one that’s being Destroyed by GOD.

  2. I don’t believe the government either. However, until is see ACTUAL EVIDENCE, I have no reason to believe this report. I find in hard to believe Biden could have ordered such an act, and remembered not to announce it at a press conference.

  3. Just what we need, the USA committing sabotage against Russia. How stupid can we get? Oh, right; that’s the Biden administration.

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