Biden Admin Sets up New UFO Task Force

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In the midst of a perplexing sequence of incidents in which the United States has shot down three unidentified flying objects, the White House reportedly announced Monday that it will form a committee to research airborne objects and the possible security and safety hazards they represent.

According to US sources, the new group, formed at the request of national-security advisor Jake Sullivan, would include parts of the Pentagon, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal organizations.

The Pentagon shot down a large Chinese surveillance balloon that breached American airspace on February 4.

Since the incident the Pentagon has been prompted to begin looking more closely at other aerial objects.

In recent days, American jet fighters have shot down three unidentified flying objects, two in the United States and one above Canadian airspace.

Unlike the balloon, which was floating at more than 60,000 feet in the air, all three items were flying at considerably lower altitudes, which officials claimed may interfere with commercial and other aviation activity.

However, even after extensively examining the other three objects in the air before shooting them down, US authorities stated they still couldn’t explain what they were.

The US military continues to refer to them all as objects.

The collection of the resultant debris has been hampered by inclement weather and terrain, according to US military authorities on Monday.

On Sunday, the commanders of the United States Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command refused to rule out the possibility that the flying objects shot down by the Pentagon are related to aliens or extraterrestrials.

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