House Intel Chairman Begs Biden to Declassify Intel Regarding Alleged ‘National Security Threat’ As Dems Desperately Push to Pass Money for Ukraine

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The head of the House Intelligence Committee stated on Wednesday that he possessed intelligence regarding a grave threat to national security and urged the administration to declassify the data so that the United States and its allies could discuss the appropriate course of action in an open manner.

Republican Representative Mike Turner of Ohio did not specify the nature of the threat in his statement. Additionally, the White House declined to add any specifics.

Turner informed members of Congress via email earlier on Wednesday that his committee had identified an urgent matter concerning a destabilizing foreign military capability that all congressional policymakers should be aware of.

He rallied them to a SCIF, which is a restricted area, in order to examine the intelligence. He again failed to provide any specific information.

Jake Sullivan, national security adviser, informed White House correspondents that he was scheduled to brief Ted Turner and the Gang of Eight, which consists of senior congressional intelligence leaders, on Thursday.

Sullivan refrained from divulging the subject matter or furnishing any additional information pertaining to Turner’s assertion.

Turner’s aggressive move comes as neoconservative Repuiblicans and Democrats are scrambling to find a way to jam through a massive new foreign aide package which would see 60 billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer dollars sent to Ukraine.

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