RFK Shreds Biden for ‘Hyper-Partisan’ State of the Union Address

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Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized President Biden’s recent State of the Union address, describing it as a highly partisan speech that failed to promote unity in the country.

Kennedy is now part of a group of politicians and commentators who have voiced their criticism of the president’s recent address to Congress, with several describing it as excessively political.

“I mean, I thought the speech in general, I agree with some of the commentators that you’ve had, that it was hyper-partisan,” Kennedy said during a discussion with Fox News’ Laura Inghram.

“This was more of a campaign stump speech that you’d give to a red meat crowd during the last two weeks of the campaign rather than that kind of statesman-like and presidential unifying speech that we want to see and that the nation expects under the world expect from the State of the Union address. You want something that inspires pride in our country and in our country and all around the globe.” Kennedy continued.

While delivering his speech, Biden discussed the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and urged Congress to expedite 60 billion more dollars assistance to the country that has already received a shocking amount of aid from across the world.

Kennedy criticized Biden’s portrayal of the war, believing it should have been resolved by now.

“I disagree with the kind of comic book characterizations that President Biden has made, this is a war that should have been settled. This was not about stopping [Russian President Vladimir Putin] from rampaging across Europe.” he remarked.

“It is a war about the ascension of NATO into Ukraine, which we should not be doing,” he added. “Our greatest diplomats have condemned that it was a mistake.” Kennedy added.

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