Fox News Stock Plummets After Tucker Carlson Suddenly Leaves Network

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Tucker Carlson, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=127058269]

With the resignation of veteran anchor Tucker Carlson, which was announced by Fox News on Monday morning, the company’s shares reportedly began to plummet.

By 1 p.m., the company’s class A shares had declined by almost 3.6 percent, dropping from about $34 per share to under $32.

Around 3.4 percent of Class B shares declined from $31 to $29.

On Monday, the network declared that Carlson and the network “mutually agreed” to part ways with immediate effect.

Carlson’s final program was last Friday, and until a successor is found, a stand-in show with alternating hosts will air.

Shortly after Fox and Dominion Voting Systems reached a $787.5 million settlement over defamation claims, the departure and ensuing stock decline occurred.

The unexpected announcement of Carlson’s departure was followed by the departure of longtime CNN anchor Don Lemon.

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  1. Earlier today, I read that Fox had fired Tucker Carlson. Now, I read that Carlson and Fox “reached a mutual agreement” that he leave; with last Friday becoming his last time “on the air” at Fox, as a host. In my view of things, the Fox network was already “hanging by a thread.” It now appears that Rupert Murdoch caved in to the Dominion lawsuit, settling for about half of what Dominion was demanding – perhaps thinking more about defusing the Smartmatic lawsuit, still to be heard. It was obviously a financially ruled decision, in fear by Murdoch of a total bankrupting of his network. It also looks like he tried to pre-empt part of the impact he expects from Smartmatic – by suddenly getting rid of Tucker Carlson. I would now anticipate Fox also dumping other notable Conservative hosts, such as Sean Hannity, etc.
    This might just backfire on Fox, and on Rupert Murdoch. I look for Carlson, Hannity, and others to go over to Newsmax, or other Conservative-leaning networks – and taking their MASSIVE following of viewers along with them, including me! Rupert Murdoch just may come to realize, too late, that the recent drop-like-a-rock Nielsen viewer ratings at the Liberal networks are far better indicators of money-paying subscribers than the fraudulent Leftist-controlled “elections” and “blue” court debacles which recently transpired. Momentum is definitely swinging toward the “Right” in America, at this time. Evidences are increasingly being forcibly brought out into public view, much to the chagrin of Democrat activists in media and politics. The truth will come out, eventually, in spite of all efforts to suppress it. Reversals of injustices are becoming increasingly horrific for Leftists, with passing time. Reversely labeled “truth” and “lies” are being proven false. Previously deceived persons “in the middle” are opening their eyes, throwing off their blinders, and absorbing truth about the frauds which have been perpetrated upon them.
    Less important “issues” are being increasingly recognized as the distractions from important matters which they were intended to accomplish. Repercussions WILL OCCUR !!!

  2. Yeah well, Mr. Carlson was the fearless caped crusader of the news gang. I fear for Fox News now. THe Left has become so strong, where large segments of the population have been socially engineered to despise America without just cause.

    • Right on! Fox was becoming MAINSTREAM. A whole lot of DEMS were watching and seeing what was really going on. So the Elites and Corporate said you’ve got to get rid of these truth-saying hosts. They started with Tucker because he was showing the Jan 6 video clips and upending the Schumer Dems demands to get him off the air.
      It’s shameful that the Media is being run by our government.

  3. Tucker was the best of the best, and Fox News just sliced its own throat!!! While there are other good people there, Tucker was a true reporter that researched his information before presenting it to America.
    Kinda of makes one think that The Leadership of Fox News is really as Liberal as the the Socialist Democrats running our Government at the moment and that Tucker was about to expose that. Just a thought.
    Gotta find another source of True Conservative News!!

  4. The liberal Murdoch brothers are going to ruin Fox News. I have bragged about Fox News for years to my friends, because they have excellent anchors who are also Christians! I don’t believe it was the voting machines that were the major problem. I think when Tucker aired The January 6th tapes, the entire Washington Swamp went after him. To bad the Murdoch boys don’t have a backbone.

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