Washington State Passes New Ban on Assault Style Weapons

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The Senate of the state of Washington has now reportedly given its approval to a measure that will prohibit the sale and production of assault weapons, taking the state one step closer to joining the select group of states around the country that have implemented comprehensive bans on assault weapons, in direct violation of the second amendment rights of its citizens.

The proposal, which must now be sent back to the House for agreement on some of the revisions made to the law, would put a halt to the production, importation, distribution, sale, and offer for sale of any firearms deemed by the bill to be an “assault weapon.”

At least sixty distinct kinds of guns would be prohibited if the governor were to approve the bill and put it into action immediately.

The law makes a significant number of exemptions from the prohibition in its provisions.

The newly proposed regulations would not apply to individuals who currently own guns within the state or to those who obtain weapons via inheritance.

It would also make it possible for law enforcement organizations to continue purchasing weapons of this kind.

In spite of the exemptions, the restrictions would result in the implementation of one of the strictest statewide prohibitions on assault weapons anywhere in the United States.

The movement by politicians in Washington to approve the bill in the state Senate comes at the same time that the discussion over gun control in the United States continues to move forward on the national level.

The Democratic governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, who has made the regulation of firearms one of his primary policy priorities, gave the order for the measure to be presented.

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