CIA Warns Iran to Directly Attack Israel in Next 48 Hours

[Photo Credit: By Khamenei.ir, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=127790242]

According to new reports, the CIA has issued a warning to Israel regarding a potential attack from Iran within the next 48 hours.

Two Iranian military commanders were killed in a strike on Tehran’s consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus this week, according to reports.

Following the attack, Iran made a strong declaration of seeking revenge, and recent reports from foreign media suggest that US intelligence is expressing concerns about a potential attack on Israel.

According to a report from Al Mayadeen, there are indications that Iran is considering a coordinated assault involving the deployment of drones and missiles from its bases in strategic areas within Israel.

Following concerns voiced by US officials about the potential for a broader conflict in the Middle East, this development has come to light.

In an interview with a renowned publication, he emphasized Israel’s efforts to target the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a means of retribution for their alleged involvement in conspiracies to harm or abduct Israeli Jews globally.

According to retired four-star general Kenneth F. McKenzie, the recent attack has dealt a significant blow to Iran.

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