Hillary Claims Trump Wants to ‘Kill’ Those Who Oppose Him

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Hillary Clinton implied that former President Donald Trump had a desire to eliminate his political adversaries because to his apparent admiration for authoritarian leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The interview occurred on the “Defending Democracy” podcast, which was hosted by Marc Elias.

Elias, who was the lawyer responsible for allocating funds from Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee, directed the funding towards British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier.

This dossier, which has since been discredited, contained allegations of a conspiracy between Trump and Russia.

“We haven’t talked much about the international arena, but, you know, his bromance with Putin,” Clinton said during the interview.

“And it was actually called that I think by the former prime minister of Australia, who said he saw Trump with Putin and Trump was like, you know, just gaga over Putin because Putin does what he would like to do: kill his opposition, imprison his opposition, drive, you know, journalists and others into exile, rule without any check or balance.” she continued.

“That’s what Trump really wants. And so we have to be very conscious of how he sees the world because, in that world, he only sees strongmen leaders. He sees Putin, he sees [Chinese leader Xi Jinping], he sees Kim Jong Un in North Korea. Those are the people he is modeling himself after, and we’ve been down this road in our world history. We sure don’t want to go down that again.” the failed former presidential candidate added.

Trump is seeking re-election as the presumed GOP candidate after his main competitors in the primary race withdrew and he obtained sufficient delegates to secure the party’s candidacy.

He is now preparing for a 2024 rematch against President Joe Biden in the general election.

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