China Launches Unprecedented Invasion Drills After New Taiwanese President Makes Shocking Comments

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On Thursday, Communist China reportedly initiated an unprecedented military exercise in the vicinity of Taiwan, claiming that it is a “powerful retribution” for Taiwan’s “separatist actions.”

Beijing has branded Lai Ching-te, Taiwan’s new president, a “dangerous separatist.” The exercises were conducted just two days after Lai was sworn in.

CNN reported that fighter jets with live ammunition, destroyers, frigates, and missile speedboats are among the objects of China’s military exercises.

According to reports, the fighter aircraft conducted mock strikes against “high-value military targets.” The military exercises will persist for two days, according to China.

The defense ministry of Taiwan referred to China’s aggression as “irrational provocations and actions that undermine regional peace and stability [.]”

The Chinese Communist Party continues to threaten a seizure of the nation, which is home to over 23 million people, while the island of Taiwan is self-governing. The party claims that Taiwan is part of its territory.

CNN reports that Taiwan’s Defense Ministry confirmed that it dispatched air, sea, and ground forces in response to China’s hostility.

On Monday, President Lai was inaugurated after being elected in January. Lai, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, has been a proponent of Taiwan’s independence.

U.S. leaders are also concerned about the ongoing tensions between the CCP and Taiwan, as more than 100 American personnel are stationed on the island to provide training for Taiwanese soldiers.

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