Governor Kristi Noem Claims Biden’s Dog Should be Shot

[Photo Credit: By Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States - IMG_5670, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=95945158]

In a Sunday interview, South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem, who has recently faced criticism for shooting Cricket, her 14-month-old dog, indicated that President Biden’s dog, Commander, ought to have received a comparable outcome.

Between October 2022 and June 2023, Commander bit Secret Service personnel at least two dozen times, according to documents published in February.

“Well, number one, Joe Biden’s dog has attacked 24 Secret Service people. So, how many people is enough people to be attacked and dangerously hurt before you make a decision on a dog and what to do with it?” Noem said during a recent appearance on CBS This Morning.

“That’s a question that the president should be held accountable to,” she continued.

Noem stated in her forthcoming book, “No Going Back,” that should she attain the White House in the future, her approach to Commander, who was ultimately expelled from White House premises, would diverge from that of Biden.

Regarded as a potential vice presidential candidate for the 2024 presidential ticket of former President Trump, Noem has encountered significant criticism regarding an anecdote contained in her forthcoming memoir.

The said anecdote recounts an event from roughly two decades ago, during which Noem allegedly shot the family dog.

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