Operations at Biden’s Gaza Pier Suspended Indefinitely After it Takes Major Damage

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

After the provisional pier system off Gaza’s coast was reportedly damaged by inclement weather, the United States military has been compelled to suspend aid deliveries by sea into the Gaza Strip.

The officials stated that the causeway, which is connected to the beach in Gaza, sustained harm.

Initially, the aid is unloaded on the enormous floating dock and then transported onto the causeway by small boats.

The damage is the most recent impediment to the temporary pier system, which was initially announced by President Joe Biden during his State of the Union address in March and became operational just two weeks ago.

Central Command reported that four small U.S. military vessels that were transporting aid detached from their moorings due to inclement weather over the weekend.

Two of them werehed ashore on the southern Israeli coast near the city of Ashdod, while the other two werehed ashore in Gaza.

A U.S. defense official also reported that an American service member is still in critical condition in an Israeli hospital after sustaining noncombat injuries on the pier last week.

Minor injuries were sustained by two additional service members.

The temporary pier, which is referred to as a Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore (JLOTS) capability in military jargon, was intended to facilitate the delivery of additional aid to Gaza and to mitigate the famine that the United Nations has declared to have occurred in the northern region of the besieged Strip.

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