Founder of Elite Hollywood Club Banned After Revealing that Hunter Biden Was Once a Member

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After Damon Lawner reportedly claimed on social media that Hunter Biden had attended upscale or*y events with Hollywood’s elite, a Los Angeles s*x club suspended its founder.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the club, Snctm, has a $75,000 annual membership fee and is renowned as a risqué hangout for CEOs, celebrities, music stars, and even government leaders.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, Lawner infuriated the club’s current leadership by asserting that the first son was previously a member who had his membership terminated because was a “scumbag.”

“Hunter was a member at Snctm and I canceled his membership after 1 party because he’s a scumbag.” Lawner’s instagram story read.

“Posting what I did on my Instagram about Hunter was me letting people know that the type of behavior that he exhibited was something that upsets me. I knew that the consequences could be me not being part of Snctm anymore, but I was willing to take that risk.” He later said in a statement to The Los Angeles Times.

After seeing Tom Cruise’s 2013 movie “Eyes Wide Shut,” which depicts or*ies attended by affluent elites, Lawner launched Snctm. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Steven Tyler, and Bill Maher who were sighted at Snctm events brought prominence to the club, according to the Times.

After claiming that the hedonistic lifestyle had destroyed his 15-year marriage and harmed his relationships with his two young kids, Lawner sold the club for $1 million in 2019.

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  1. The more that comes out about Hunter Biden, the better. The American left will never believe any bad news about their Democrat leaders unless it gets the coverage everywhere. They don’t listen or watch any dissenting news media, which leaves them totally ignorant. So, get it out, however and wherever.

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