Oxford University Announces New Policy That Would Expel Students Who Use Wrong Pronouns

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On Thursday, a famous college at the University of Oxford reportedly declared that breaking its new policy against transgender harassment, which includes using the incorrect pronouns, might lead to expulsion from the college.

Regent’s Park College has issued a statement titled “Trans Inclusion Statement,” in which it defines in great detail what it regards to be “transphobic harassment,” and it warns anyone who commit such acts that they will face serious sanctions, including possible expulsion.

Even though the Equality Act of 2010 of the United Kingdom uses the medical term “gender reassignment” rather than “gender identity” in its anti-discrimination wording, the college interprets the legislation to prevent discrimination based on gender identity.

This is because the college believes that gender identity is a protected class.

Following a contentious discussion given by gender-critical feminist Kathleen Stock, a former professor at the University of Sussex, the college issued the Trans Inclusion Statement in response to the event.

The discussion given by Stock was met with significant opposition and was even cut short by a trans activist who affixed her hands to the stage floor with adhesive.

The new regulation at the University of Oxford campus comes at a time when legal challenges are being brought against the prejudice and harassment rules of institutions in the United States.

These challenges underscore the dichotomy that exists between the values of free speech and such policies.

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