REPORT: U.S. Deep State Agencies Knew of Wagner Coup Attempt

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According to a new report, American intelligence agencies were aware last week that the Wagner Group in Russia planned to engage in military action against Moscow.

Senior officials in the Biden administration, Pentagon, Department of State, and Congress had been briefed about the preparations for impending military action against defense leaders in Moscow during the previous two weeks, but it is unclear precisely when the agencies learned of the intentions.

The Wagner Group, led by the warlord mercenary Yevgeny Prigozhin, started marching into the Russian capital on Friday.

The source claimed that given Russia’s nuclear arsenal, the administration and U.S. officials had voiced “high concern” about what an uprising, instability, and probable change of government in Russia may imply for international stability.

According to sources, American intelligence was aware of the planned rebellion before the troop marched to Moscow, where they came within 120 miles.

This information is similar to that which was revealed before Russia invaded Ukraine and forewarned of the attack.

In that instance, the intelligence was disclosed in an effort to dissuade Putin from carrying out the invasion in February 2022.

However, it wasn’t until after the Wagner Group had stopped its march and a solution had been negotiated that it was revealed that American intelligence had been aware of their impending insurrection.

Before a settlement was mediated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, which dropped all criminal charges against Prigozhin, stopped the movement to Moscow, and banished the Wagner Group’s head to Belarus, the Wagner Group had traveled as close as 120 miles to Moscow.

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  1. Wake up American Checker players. The Moscow Chess Masters played you.
    Wagner faked the rebellion to pull out troops and replace them north of Kiev.
    You fell for the feint.

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