Pro-Hamas and Radical Climate Change Protestors Rush Congressional Baseball Game

[Photo Credit: By United States House of Representatives - Office of Ruben Gallego - https://twitter.com/RepRubenGallego/status/1144025968924909576, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=86473800]

Two protests, one pro-Hamas and the other anti-fossil fuels, attempted to disrupt the Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday evening. However, Capitol Police promptly dispersed both demonstrations.

The protesters attempted to cause a disturbance during the national anthem, but they were swiftly advised to leave by Capitol Police.

Climate Defiance protestors, who claimed to be protesting the use of fossil fuels and the fact that Chevron was a sponsor of the charity game, attempted to disrupt the game, but the excitement did not cease.

The group boasted about having “taken the field” and shared their own video of the demonstrators making their move, the majority of whom were tackled by police and handcuffed before they made it past the dirt track.

Larry O’Connor shared a photograph of a Capitol Police Officer overseeing the game after the demonstrators were subdued.

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