Trump Demands Supreme Court Take Action Before His Sentencing

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On Sunday, former President Trump urged the Supreme Court to take action in anticipation of his July sentencing, following his conviction on 34 felony counts in his New York City hush money trial last week.

Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that his sentencing in the New York case is scheduled to occur just days prior to the commencement of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where the Republican Party intends to formally nominate him for president.

“The “Sentencing” for not having done anything wrong will be, conveniently for the Fascists, 4 days before the Republican National Convention.” Trump wrote on his Truth Social account. “A Radical Left Soros backed D.A., who ran on a platform of “I will get Trump,” reporting to an “Acting” Local Judge, appointed by the Democrats, who is HIGHLY CONFLICTED, will make a decision which will determine the future of our Nation? The United States Supreme Court MUST DECIDE!” he continued.

Last week, Trump became the first former U.S. president to be convicted of a felony. A jury of 12 New Yorkers found him guilty of all counts of falsifying business documents to conceal alleged affairs during his 2016 campaign.

Although first-time offenders on offenses similar to Trump’s are seldom incarcerated, he may be subject to jail time.

Bragg refrained from indicating whether prosecutors intend to pursue prison time for the former president, stating that they would discuss the matter in their court filings in the upcoming weeks.

Trump is scheduled to be sentenced on July 11.

He has declared that he will appeal the guilty verdict, which would be heard by a more prestigious New York court.

The former president has argued that he should be exempt from prosecution for his actions following the 2020 election, in which he attempted to subvert the results.

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering a distinct case in support of this claim.

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