Israel Pushes Through New Judicial Reform In Spite of Mass Left-Wing Protests, Outrage From Biden White House

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The Israeli Knesset, the country’s parliament, reportedly passed a modification to the Basic Law on Monday, defying the Israeli Left, who erupted in rage over the loss of authority over the political system.

The amendment was defeated 64-0, with all members of the right-wing bloc voting in favor and all members of the opposition abstaining.

It was intended to lower the country’s “reasonableness standard.” With the use of that criteria, courts in Israel were able to use the “reasonableness standard” to overturn legislative actions they felt went beyond the bounds of what a responsible and reasonable authority would permit.

As a result, the norm effectively granted the judges a veto over the majority of government actions.

The Israeli Supreme Court has historically been dominated by leftists, and unlike the United States and other Western nations, it allows judges to choose their own replacements.

As a result, the Left enjoys permanent influence over the judiciary and, consequently, over choices made by the government.

The Left has instigated rallies across the nation by misrepresenting its slide into chaos as a danger to democracy.

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