Whistleblower Claims Under Oath that the US Government has Retrieved Alien Remains

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At a hearing, a former military intelligence officer who is now a whistleblower reportedly claimed that executive branch agencies have been withholding knowledge about the enigmatic objects for years and that Congress is being kept in the dark about them.

Unidentified anomalous phenomena, also known as UFOs, are allegedly being kept a secret from Congress.

David Grusch and two former fighter pilots with first-hand knowledge of UAP testified before the House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee during his 14 years of service as an intelligence officer in the Air Force and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Up until early this year, Grusch served as a delegate on two Pentagon task teams looking into UAP.

He claimed to have learned of “a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program” when looking into secret projects while testifying before senators.

He claimed that when he requested access to such programs, he was refused, and he charged the military of embezzling money to hide these activities from congressional scrutiny.

Later on, he claimed that he had spoken with authorities who had firsthand knowledge of planes having “nonhuman” origins.

Members of Congress from both parties expressed uncertainty about how to proceed with an investigation into the extraordinary charges, demonstrating the growing readiness of legislators to seek greater candor from the executive branch.

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  1. Put up or shut up. Nothing he says has been proven or validated. It is all talk and probably designed to change the narrative of the Biden crime family. If there are remains what possible reason could they have to conceal them from us?

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