CNN Reporter’s Car Broken Into While on Assignment Covering Soaring Crime in Liberal City

[Photo Credit: by Tony Webster]

While covering the increasing violence in the Bay Area of California on Wednesday, CNN correspondent Kyung Lah reportedly stated that her car had once again been smashed into.

In spite of the fact that her car was empty, Lah’s vehicle was broken into when she was in Oakland, California, recording a report about the region’s increasing crime.

Lah’s rear driver’s side glass was broken while she and her crew were shooting across the street for the network.

Lah went on to state that it was the third time this year that a car she was using while out on assignment in the Bay Area had been broken into.

The whole state of California has crumbled beneath the weight of accepted criminal behavior, vagrancy, and major crime under the rule of Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom and a variety of far-left District Attorneys.

Since 2020, crime has spiked significantly in the Golden State with no obviously end in sight.

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  1. How much more do we have to do to prove the Democrats that run California are brain dead…absolutely unabashedly without concern about the state of affairs….just worried about number for re-election. These people have no morals or values. Hopefully, the tide will turn and these demigods will be run out of office and sanity will prevail once again!

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