Heavily Bearded Man Sues Wal-Mart After Employee Asked Him Why he Was using Women’s Restroom

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After a staff allegedly questioned him for entering the women’s restroom, a transgender customer who uses “he/they” pronouns reportedly filed a discrimination claim against a Walmart in Montreal, Canada.

Day entered the women’s restroom on August 25 after claiming he needed to use the restroom. Following Day’s exit from the women’s restroom, an unknown employee is then reported to have challenged him.

The worker, who Day claimed to be an assistant manager, continuously questioned Day about his sexual orientation and warned him from entering the women’s restroom in front of other patrons, according to CTV.

Seth Day, the man in question, claimed that he didn’t “identify as a man or woman, sort of somewhere in between.”

“To which I responded that there was no gender-neutral bathroom or family bathroom. What bathroom am I supposed to use, then? What about my comfort as a client?” Day continued, in reference to the incident.

The Quebec Human Rights Commission has since received a discrimination complaint from Day, who claims the employee “acted[ed] like trans people are less than.”

Discrimination based on gender identity or expression is illegal under both the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Day, who said he was “dehumanized,” also compelled the store manager to apologize.

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