Montana Bows to Pressure After Months of Resistance: Will Allow Transgender Individuals to Retroactively Change Their Birth Certificates

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The traditionally red state of Montana has now officially bended its knee to radical transgender ideology, after months of trying to resist its extreme demands.

On Monday the state’s health department said it will now follow a judge’s previous ruling and allow people claiming to be transgender to retroactively change the gender on their birth certificates.

The judge who issued the origin order claimed that health officials in the state made ‘calculated violations’ of his order.

District Court Judge Michael Moses said on Monday that he would consider motions for contempt based on ongoing violations of his April order, which he clarified in a verbal order at a hearing on Thursday. Just hours after that hearing, the Republican-controlled state announced that it would defy the order and maintain a rule that prohibited any changes to birth certificates unless they were the result of a clerical error. Despite its disagreement with the order, the Department of Public Health and Human Services issued a statement on Monday afternoon saying it would follow it.

If the state is found in contempt of court, the court may order the state health department to pay a fine, pay the plaintiff’s legal fees, or even jail time for whoever is found to be responsible for the disobedience.

The incident appears to be yet another example of the radical left using anti-democratic, in this instance the ruling of a far-left judge, as a means to push their agenda into even the reddest of red states.

The state’s regulation of birth certificate amendments is still under review and awaiting a final and definitive ruling.

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