Woke Mob Loses Minds Because Actress Might Be Republican

The wokesters on the left spending too much time playing on the internet need to get a life. Seriously. This time the obsessives on social media have tried to cancel rising star Sydney Sweeney because her family might be conservative. 

The young actress who has become a sensation, especially among Gen Z men after starring in the show Euphoria, grew up in rural Wyoming. Some of her woke Twitter followers were apparently shocked that there are famous people who may dare disagree with them about politics. 

The HBO star dared to throw a birthday “hoedown” for her mother’s sixtieth birthday back home featuring cowboy hats and a mechanical bull. Wokesters got upset because someone attending the party wore a shirt supporting the police while other photos, posted by Sweeney online, showed her donning a hat that mimicked former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” headgear.  


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