REPORT: Elderly Woman Shot in Back While Passing Out Pro-Life Literature

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An elderly 83-year-old woman has reportedly been gunned down while trying to pass out pro-life literature in Michigan.

According to Michigan Right to Life, the victim, who is going to remain unnamed until the investigation has concluded, had a heated confrontation with a woman at her home while passing out pro-life literature, and as she walked away, a man appeared from inside the house and shot her in the back. She was reportedly discussing Proposal 3, a proposed amendment to the Michigan constitution that would legalize abortion throughout pregnancy and ease medical criteria and laws around the practice.

According to Wood TV, an NBC affiliate, the woman drove herself to the Lake Odessa Police Department to report the gunshot before being transferred to the hospital. Police have not said what kind of flyers she was distributing or where she was shot in the county.

A spokesman for the Michigan Right to Life confirmed in a statement that the volunteer is now recovering and is in ‘good spirits.’

“While the motive has not been determined by law enforcement, no one should be shot while peacefully exercising their Constitutionally protected right to free speech. Michigan voters should not be intimidated from peacefully speaking out against extreme Proposal 3” The spokesman noted.

The Michigan state police are reportedly investigating the incident but have so far nor released any statements with further details on the matter.

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