The Top 7 Hottest GOP Candidates Running for Congress in 2022

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore]

The congressional GOP is changing, and no where is this more obvious than when you look at the new slew of Republican Congressional candidates running in 2022. Candidates who are…significantly more attractive than usual.

Here are all the hottest GOP candidates running for Congress in the 2022 Midterm:

1) Karoline Leavitt

A brand new face running for New Hampshire’s district 02.

2) Tiffany Smiley

Another newcomer, Smiley is running for Senate in the State of Washington.

3) Nancy Mace

Mace is running for reelection in South Carolina’s House District 1

4) Anna Paulina Luna

Luna is running for Florida’s House District 13

5) Sarah Palin

Years after making waves as the GOP’s Vice-Presidential nominee, Palin is back. She’ll be running for Alaska’s open congressional seat this November.

6) Catalina Lauf

Lauf is a newcomer running for Illinois’s 11th district

7) Whitney Williams

Another newcomer, Williams is running for Congress in Michigan’s 11th district.

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