Far-Left Governor of New Mexico Attempts to Ban Concealed Carry in Violation of Constitution

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After a child was killed in a road rage incident, New Mexico’s Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, reportedly banned the carrying of firearms in Albuquerque and the adjacent county for at least the next 30 days.

Thursday, Grisham signed an executive order declaring gun violence a public health emergency in the state governed by Democrats.

On Friday, Grisham unilaterally suspended open and concealed carry laws in and around Albuquerque. She stated that she could prolong or renew her order, which was promptly deemed unconstitutional by many.

In effect, Grisham admitted that her order may be unconstitutional when she conceded that she may not prevail in legal challenges submitted against the order.

“Now I am sure as I go through the rest of this, there will be a lot of questions about whether or not we think we have the legal right to do that. I am sure that before you write this, there will be a legal challenge. And I can’t tell you that we win it given all of the different challenges to gun violence laws and restrictions on individual firearm access and control.” She stated.

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