Mobs Sack Stores in Philadelphia during Night of Mayhem

[Photo Credit: by Tony Webster]

Tuesday night, large crowds, consisting primarily of adolescents, reportedly ransacked multiple stores and damaged property across Philadelphia, according to police.

The mayhem began after 8 o’clock. Soon, according to officials, police began getting complaints stating that massive crowds were entering Center City.

The Footlocker, the Apple store, and a Lululemon store at 15th and Chestnut streets were among the businesses plundered.

According to acting police commissioner John Stanford, the peaceful demonstration that took place earlier after the officer who murdered Eddie Irizarry was cleared of all charges had nothing to do with the looting on Tuesday night.

He asserted that those who looted instead utilized the demonstration as justification for their illegal activity.

Stanford added that at least 20 arrests had been made by police the night of the occurrences.

Officials added that two firearms had been found, although they are unsure if they are related to the theft.

Police were still figuring out how many establishments were impacted as of Wednesday morning, despite the fact that there were over 100 children and young adults engaged.

A group can be seen leaving the Apple shop after stealing it in a cellphone video.

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