Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams Both Democrats and Republicans for Aging Leadership, Claims New Blood Needed

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary actor and former governor of California, said on Monday that aging party leaders in both the Republican and Democratic parties should make way for a younger generation.

Schwarzenegger mentioned recent incidents of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stuttering and freezing in his remarks at The Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live conference without specifically mentioning him.

In reference to McConnell and those like him Schwarzenegger remarked that they should “start thinking about stepping aside and letting a newer generation step in and fill the vacuum.”

He went to say while he wouldn’t directly tell President Biden not to run for re-election, he did note that “I just believe that we should look for the new breed in both parties.”

He refrained from endorsing a Republican presidential candidate but urged California Governor Gavin Newsom to “jump in” and applauded Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who earlier this month withdrew his name from consideration for the Democratic presidential nomination and declared his intention to run for office as an independent.

Kennedy, who counseled Schwarzenegger on environmental policy, is a somebody who understands business as well as the environment, according to Schwarzenegger.

Maria Shriver, a Kennedy family member, and Schwarzenegger were wed for over two decades.

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