Fans Flee Dave Chapelle Show After Comedian Goes on Anti-Semitic Tirade

[Photo Credit: By GabboT - Dave Chappelle 02, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=73121911]

After Dave Chappelle allegedly sided against Israel for attacking Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, fans reportedly stood up and left one of his recent concerts.

Chappelle’s comments follow the terrorists’ extraordinary terrorist strike two weeks ago, which resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 Israelis, including over 30 Americans, 3,200+ injuries, and the taking of over 200 hostages.

According to those present, Obama denounced Hamas’ assault on Israel before decrying “what he said were war crimes in Gaza,” according to the BBC.

According to reports, Chappelle defended students who have fewer career opportunities because they supported the murder of Israelis by murderous Palestinian terrorists.

Chappelle supposedly received a sharp reprimand from a spectator urging him to stop talking, which prompted a “emotional response” from him blaming Israel for cutting off supplies to the region.

According to reports, some spectators yelled “Free Palestine,” which caused some supporters to stand up and leave the event.

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