Source in RFK Jr. Campaign Claims Third Party Run Will Ensure Biden Victory

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Since he began running for office, Kennedy has reportedly received enthusiastic support from pro-Trump figures like Steve Bannon and Fox News hosts, who saw his campaign as a helpful weapon against Biden.

The news of his independent run was welcomed by those voices.

Since Kennedy is not your typical Democrat, a fact which has led many to believe that his campaign may end up harming Joe Biden.

However, his opinions on topics like Covid and Ukraine, which he has extensively discussed in numerous appearances on Fox News and right-wing podcasts, fit the Republican Party’s present platform perfectly.

Because of this, Trump backers in the media are concerned that he might be a bigger threat to the former president than Biden.

In fact, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk stated last week on his podcast that a Kennedy run for office on his own would be so detrimental to Trump that it had to be the result of a media “plot” to persuade Kennedy to leave the Democratic Party.

When contacted for comment, the RFK jr. team cited an Echelon Insights poll indicating that Kennedy’s independent run would narrow the gap between Trump and Biden by one point.

In addition an insider in the RFK Jr. campaign revealed their belief that RFK’s run would end up harming Trump.

“This is going to fuck Trump. Bobby’s values are much more in line with patriots. He’s against Big Pharma. He’s pro-Bitcoin. Decentralize so the government can’t control it.” the insider stated.

“He comes from a Kennedy dynasty unlike other independents. He has a deep well of political connections. You cannot compare him to other independents.” he concluded.

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