Turkish President Erdogan Threatens to Invade Israel

[Photo Credit: By The White House from Washington, DC - P111210PS-0261, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12268626]

In an ardent address at a pro-Palestine protest this evening, the president of Turkey seems to have threatened to intervene in Gaza.

This afternoon, Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented Hamas as “freedom fighters” and accused Israel of war crimes during his speech to a gathering.

President Erdogan stated that attacks on Gaza amounted to a “massacre,” which infuriated Israel and caused it to rescind its diplomatic mission.

He is claimed to have told the hundreds of thousands of participants that Turkey can “come at any night unexpectedly” during the same speech.

The video, which went viral on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter), showed the pro-Palestine demonstrators yelling, “Turkish military to Gaza.”

Video footage of Mr. Erdogan speaking at the occasion was posted online by news aggregator Visegrád 24 and was in Turkish.

As he was speaking to attendees of the Great Palestine meeting in Istanbul, thousands of people could be seen waving a mix of Palestinian and Turkish flags.

The video has been re-uploaded online numerous times after the account provided the translation earlier this evening.

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  1. Well now, are we going to have one of the members of NATO invade one of our Allies? I can see where this could very easily and quickly turn into the beginning of a nuclear war. If Turkey, or any other muslim country, really wanted to help the Palestinians, they would have let them into their countries decades ago. They don’t want them any more than the rest of the world does, and the rest of the world doesn’t want them at all. Maybe Israel will do the world a favor and just exterminate them. End of problem!

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