Disney’s New Woke Animated Film Bombs at Box Office

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“Strange World,” a Disney film, is a flop, collecting a meager $4.2 million on Wednesday and is now on track for a five-day total of slightly less than $24 million.

That’s a truly dismal outcome for the woke animated adventure that cost $180 million to make.

The film has garnered both criticism and praise, depending on the critic’s political disposition for it’s extreme LGBT themes, which it pushes hard throughout the film’s runtime.

The film reportedly features a gay teen romance, the first portrayal of its kind produced by Disney.

The film is also unique in that it is the first Disney film to feature a gay teen romance that is also purposefully targeted toward children.

The left-wing AV Club praised the film, declaring it to be “the queer version of Disney magic we’ve been waiting for.”

Conservative commentators on the other hand weren’t happy with the film’s radical themes, and marketing toward small children.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro denounced the film’s “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.”

The film’s massive underperformance is yet another example of a Hollywood attempt to push woke themes on the American public backfiring spectacularly.

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  1. Well, is makes it easier for many of us who still believe in good moral values and save money on all this pornography and immorality in our society–no more Disney movies! and no TV.

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