DeSantis Officially Dethrones Trump in New Iowa Poll

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

A brand new political survey from Iowa, where the presidential primary season kicks off every four years with the famous and all-important Iowa caucuses, has now revealed that Iowa Republicans have shifted decisively toward Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis as their preferred presidential candidate, beating out former President Trump, for 2024.

According to the Neighborhood Research and Media poll, 32% of respondents asked chose DeSantis as their first option to run for president, followed by former President Donald Trump at 30%.

The survey indicates a massive 23-point movement toward DeSantis from a similar survey in June, when Trump was the preference of 38% of respondents and DeSantis was supported by only 17% of those polled.

In addition it also marked a 46% reversal from November 2021, when Trump led by a whopping 56%-12%.

Because Iowa is a caucus state rather than a primary state, who people choose as a second option is important to the overall outcome.

When asked which candidate would be their second choice, 48% chose DeSantis, 42% chose Trump, 5% chose Pence, and 1% supported Noem, whose state is close to Iowa.

In contrast to other states’ primaries, no secret ballots or absentee voting are permitted in the Iowa caucuses.

Delegates representing Iowa at the Republican National Convention are distributed proportionally to the statewide vote.

Other recent polls, conducted in the period after the midterm elections, have show similar results.

If the new found polling trend favoring DeSants continues, Trump will likely be in an even worse political position by the time the primary season begins in earnest.

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