GOP Reps Demand Federal Investigation Into Chinese Ownership of Strategic Lithium Mine in Nevada

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Republican legislators are now reportedly calling for a congressional probe into a Chinese company that may have a large involvement in a strategic Nevada lithium mine.

According to a new report, Ganfeng Lithium controls 10% of Lithium Americas, making it the largest shareholder in the Canadian mining firm.

Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert of Texas and Mike Waltz of Florida stated that both Congress and the Biden administration should immediately launch an investigation to ensure that US national security is not jeopardized because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ties to Ganfeng executives.

Lithium Americas is seeking to persuade the Treasury Department to authorize its northern Nevada Thacker Pass mine, and it has also sought for Energy Department financing for firms that mine essential minerals used in the production of electric vehicles.

Despite the fact that Lithium Americas declared on November 3 that it would split its firm into two different corporations, it is reported that Ganfeng will retain a controlling share in both companies.

According to Lithium Americas, the split was supposed to resolve “geopolitical” concerns that the Biden administration and Congress may have.

Ganfeng’s president, Li Liangbin, is a member of a variety of CCP-affiliated parties, and board member Yu Jianguo is a member of the CCP.

Wang Xiaoshen, Ganfeng’s executive vice president and Lithium Americas board member, has also previously worked for Chinese state-owned enterprises.

According to a 2021 International Energy Agency research, China controls the market for minerals required to develop green energy technology, accounting for 60% of worldwide essential mineral output.

It also refines the majority of the world’s minerals, accounting for 50-70 percent of lithium processing and approximately 90 percent of all other rare earth elements.

Lithium is a key element in the electric batteries used to power popular electric vehicles like Teslas.

Vehicles which the Biden Administration has sought to use U.S. government power to promote to the American people.

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  1. As is typical with the GOP they are late to the show…….this and the fact that the Chinese have Police Dept. in several cities is another thing the GOP should be investigating but are slow on the draw. If the GOP doesn’t get their act together real soon…..we will be the new China.

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