Former Fox Employee and Producer for Tucker Carlson Accused of Sexual Assault

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A former Fox News employee has now initiated legal proceedings against the network and a senior staff member who was a top producer for Tucker Carlson, alleging that the senior staff member sexually assaulted and harassed him.

Andrew Delancey alleges in a lawsuit filed in New York State Court that shortly after being hired in 2008, Justin Wells repeatedly grabbed him by the genitalia at Wells’s apartment.

Delancey further claims that superiors discouraged him from submitting complaints.

An abbreviated iteration of the lawsuit, which accused Wells of assault and battery and Fox of negligence and sexual harassment, was initially submitted late last month.

It was submitted just prior to the deadline for filing claims under the New York Adult Survivors Act, a legislation that temporarily suspended the statute of limitations for civil complaints lodged by victims of sexual assault.

On Monday, the complete complaint was filed.

Wells, who was employed at the time by a program anchored by Greta Van Susteren, subsequently rose to the position of senior executive producer on Tucker Carlson’s program before being terminated in April alongside him.

Presently, Wells is a senior producer for a video series that Tucker Carlson hosts on the social media platform X.

According to the complaint, Wells initiated contact with Delancey in 2007 via a Facebook group for Fox employees, at a time when Delancey was employed by a local Fox station in Florida.

In the message, Wells encouraged Delancey to consider a position at the organization’s New York City headquarters.

According to Delancey, Wells showered him with an abnormal degree of attention upon his arrival, even personally affixing Fox logos to pencils and notebooks and promising to assist him in “learning the ropes” at the cable-news behemoth.

Upon expressing his inability to sustain an entry-level salary in New York, Delancey asserts that Wells assisted him in obtaining an interview with a different network.

Wells reportedly invited Delancey to a homosexual bar with other Fox employees less than a month after he began working there, as stated in the lawsuit.

Wells allegedly insisted that the two have their initial drink at Wells’ apartment, where he “easily overpowered” Delancey, seizing his genitalia and forcing him onto his bed.

Additionally, Delancey’s lawsuit asserts that Fox denied the employee a means to lodge a complaint, claiming that his supervisor at the time compelled him to promise to not to lodge any grievances regarding his experience at Fox with human resources.

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