Mitt Romney Claims He May Vote for Biden

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Sunday, Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney declared that he will not support former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election, and that he would not rule out the possibility of supporting President Joe Biden.

Romney, a recurring detractor of Trump, criticized the former president severely during an exclusive interview that aired on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

“I think we agree that we have looked at his behavior, and his behavior suggests that this is a person who will impose his will if he can, on the judicial system on the legislative branch and on the entire nation,” Romney remarked.

“I mean, when he called people to come to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, that was not a random date. That was the date when peaceful transfer of power was to occur — he called that on purpose. There’s no question he has authoritarian rulings and interests and notions which he will try and impose. That’s dangerous for the country.” he continued.

He characterized Trump as “dangerous to the nation” due to his “authoritarian agenda and interests” and compared him to “a human gumball machine” that spews unfiltered ideas to the general public.

When asked by the NBC news host if he would vote for Biden in the upcoming 2024 election, Romney responded that “I’m not going to describe who I’ll rule out other than President Trump.”

Romney additionally disregarded the impeachment investigation into Biden that is being spearheaded by his Republican House colleagues.

“No, I don’t see any evidence of that at all. I think before you begin an impeachment inquiry, you ought to have some evidence, some inclination that there’s been wrongdoing, and so far there’s nothing of that nature that’s been provided.” Romney said.

The chamber is anticipated to vote this week on a resolution authorizing the impeachment investigation, which has been spearheaded by three House committees led by the Republican Party: Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisvington) and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) have expressed their conviction that Republicans possess the necessary votes to pass the resolution.

The White House has vehemently opposed the Republicans’ impeachment investigation into Biden.

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