Former NBA Player and China Critic Enes Kanter Freedom to Run for Office

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Enes Kanter Freedom, a former NBA player and anti-CCP campaigner, reportedly said in an interview Thursday that he hopes to run for Congress one day.

Christian Freedom told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo that his passion is lobbying for the millions of individuals who are tortured and raped every day in communist China’s detention camps.

Kanter Freedom answered when asked by Bartiromo if he was interested in running for public office in the affirmative.

“I actually do. I actually do, yes.” Kanter said.

He also responded ‘Yes’ when asked if he was in the process of making plans to run for office.

Kanter continued saying that while he wasn’t fully in the stage of raising money yet he was currently having conversations with friends and members of congress about a potential run for office.

Later in the interview Kanter took aim at Nike and other Western companies, blasting them for their hypocrisy when it comes to Communist China, which they continue to support and do business with while they mouth woke platitudes about popular progressive causes.

“But I want to talk about Nike first because when you look at Nike, in America they stand with Black Lives Matter, no Asian hates, LGBTQ community, Latino community. But when it comes to China, I mean everybody knows about the slave labors and sweat shops, you know.” Kanter said.

Kanter was one of the most outspoken critics of China in the NBA, a position which he claims cost him professionally with the league, which has extensive business ties with the communist nation.

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