NPR to Layoff Up to 10 Percent of its Staff

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National Public Radio will now reportedly decrease its number of employees on payroll by 10% as it deals with a severe fall in sponsorship revenue, according to CEO John Lansing.

Lansing claims that the majority of NPR’s available positions will be terminated, and that in addition the organization’s current personnel would be reduced by 10%.

The public media company employs over 700 people and is known for an editorial viewpoint that leans heavily liberal.

Lansing also hinted that the inevitable employee losses will result in a more streamlined goal for NPR as an institution, noting that certain activities would have to shift or end completely, and that NPR’s executive committee is determining where it should continue to invest and where it should draw back.

The NPR layoffs come as the organization deals with the same issues that plague the rest of the media business.

Because of a sluggish advertising sector, NPR is experiencing a decrease in corporate sponsorships.

Similarly, the podcasting sector has also reportedly been damaged, which means that NPR’s development in the digital domain has most certainly slowed.

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