Iowa Passes New Bill Protecting Minors From Gender Transition Surgeries

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Iowa reportedly became the latest to join the expanding list of states that have prohibited sex change therapies for children.

The bill became law after Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed the bill into law.

In addition, the measure prohibits the practice of removing any healthy or non-diseased bodily part or tissue, and also places restrictions on the removal of hormone-blocking medications that are administered to postpone puberty.

“Children should not be pushed to receive experimental medical treatments that can leave them permanently sterile and physically marred for life,” Republican state Sen. Jeff Edler noted.

Democrats in Iowa denounced the measure and said that its approval would deprive parents of the right to decide for themselves what they believed to be in their children’s best interests.

In addition, Reynolds gave her signature to Senate Bill 482, often known as the Bathroom Bill.

This law prohibits minors from using public school restrooms that do not correspond to the gender that was assigned to them at birth.

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