Senator Lindsey Graham Decries Trump’s Desperate Attacks on DeSantis

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On Tuesday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina reportedly stated that he does not enjoy it when former President Donald Trump attacks Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida in advance of a possible primary face-off in 2024.

Graham, who recently endorsed Trump in his third run for the White House and appeared on Fox News to give his endorsement, conceded that Trump is not into ‘thou shalt nots,'” in reference to Ronald Regan’s famous maxim: ‘Thou Shalt Not’ attack a fellow Republican.

Trump announced his third run for the presidency in November and has been ramping up rhetoric critical of DeSantis, who is still not a declared candidate for the White House in spite of the fact that he tops many 2024 polls along with Trump.

DeSantis is the governor of the state of Florida.

Among Trump’s constant invective has been his label for DeSantis, who he calls “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

On Monday, DeSantis appeared to take a rare swipe back at Trump while commenting on the investigation into hush money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels that is being conducted by the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

After that, Trump once more targeted the governor of Florida in a message that he published on his Truth Social website.

Many have speculated that indictment against the former president in the case is likely to be imminent.

Even Graham is not immune to Trump’s scathing attacks on occasion. They competed against one another in the primary election of 2016.

Yet, the senator has proven himself to be a reliable ally of Trump’s in Congress during the course of his tenure there, despite the fact that he occasionally disagrees with the former president.

Graham concluded, in reference to the governor of Florida, that, were he Trump, he would center his attention on the good instead of constantly attacking a fellow Republican.

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  1. I do not favor either Lindsy Graham not DeSantis. Neither of them have CREATED A MASSIVE USA ECONOMY SUCH OF THE LIKES USA HAD NEVER SEEN!!! It took the most corrupt congress, the FBI the CDC and a criminal “doctor’Fauci and far more to artificially dismantle DONALD TRUMPS ECONOMY!! STOLEN ELECTIONS LEAD TO HIGH INTERSTS RATES AND FRAUD AND LIARS AS WE SEE TODAY> LIndsey Graham and DeSantis are adult children in comparison to Donald Trump – Screw Graham!!!

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