Pope Francis Declares Woke Gender Ideology ‘Dangerous’ for Western Civilization

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Pope Francis has now reportedly left many liberals in shock by declaring woke gender ideology as ‘dangerous’ for civilization during a recent interview with an Argentinian media outlet.

The pope’s previous statements on LGBTQ matters, including his most recent statement that homosexuality should not be criminalized despite the fact that it is a sin, have caused a stir in recent times.

Francis asserted that “gender ideology” is one of the most “destructive” beliefs in modern times due to the way it muddies the distinctions between males and females in society.

The notion of enabling people to identify as male, female, or nonbinary inspired Pope Francis of a book written by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson in 1907 titled “Lord of the World.”

The book was published in 1907. Francis stated that the novel portrayed a future in which differences are fading and everything becomes “uniform.”

The Pope also went on to slam those who viewed transgenderism as ‘the path of progress,’ claiming they were ‘naive.’

The remarks are a sudden turnaround for a pontiff who most observers believed to have been at least implicitly liberal in many of his social views.

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