REPORT: Biden Admin Considering Using Guantanamo Bay to Process Haitian ‘Refugees’

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According to a US official, the Biden administration is reportedly considering utilizing Guantanamo Bay as a potential location to handle Haitian migrants in the event of a large-scale migration to the US due to deteriorating conditions in Haiti.

For years, there has been a migrant center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, situated approximately 200 miles from Haiti.

This center is used to hold and process migrants before they are returned to Haiti or a third country.

The center, which is distinct from the location where terrorist suspects are detained, has been utilized previously.

In 2010 the US military reportedly made preparations at the site in anticipation of Haitians seeking refuge from the devastating earthquake.

However, talks of increasing capacity at the location indicate the administration’s mounting worry over the mass exodus from Haiti, with rampant gang violence targeting government institutions and social stability teetering on the edge.

It is likely that migrants from Haiti may try to reach Florida by sea, which can be a dangerous journey.

The US is currently considering options to intercept these individuals at sea and transport them to Guantanamo for processing and potential importation to the United States.

Haiti’s government is currently in a state of emergency following a recent attack on the country’s largest prison in Port-au-Prince by a coalition of brutal gangs.

This chaos resulted in the loss of lives, injuries to police and prison staff, and the escape of approximately 3,500 dangerous inmates.

Haiti’s capital is currently under the control of gangs, some of whom have been accused of practicing cannibalism.

The turmoil has compelled a large number of individuals to evacuate their residences, further contributing to the already substantial population of over 300,000 people who have been displaced due to gang violence.

It is still unclear whether or not the Biden administration will attempt to seize on the chaos in order to import a large number of Haitian refugees, although the administration’s actions around Guantananmo bay may hold a clue as to the administration’s next move.

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