Shock Video Shows Wild Shoot Out on NYC Subway Train

[Photo Credit: by Tony Webster]

Disturbing video footage documented a brutal altercation between two individuals on a subway car in Brooklyn.

The incident caused a wave of fear and panic among the passengers, particularly when one of the fighters was shot on the crowded train during rush hour on Thursday.

The video, captured by a passenger on a northbound A train, confirmed earlier witness reports given to the police.

It depicted one man instigating another, leading to the sound of at least four gunshots on the crowded train as it arrived at the A/C Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets station.

According to authorities, the individual causing trouble, aged 36, was shot with his own firearm after the other individual, aged 32, successfully disarmed him and retaliated.

However, prior to the shooting, the two individuals engaged in a prolonged altercation while bystanders on the train implored them to cease, expressing concern for the presence of children.

The 36-year-old man was stabbed by a woman during their altercation.

The woman reportedly accompanied the 32-year-old man on the train during the incident, but she subsequently left the scene.

Authorities are currently conducting a search for her.

The cause of the altercation remains uncertain.

Following a tumultuous and intense altercation, the assailant brandished a firearm, prepared it for use, and advanced towards the individual in their early thirties.

The crowded train car filled with screams as passengers quickly moved to the other end, some even dropping to the floor.

The remainder of the altercation was not captured on film, however, the sound of at least four gunshots was heard as the train arrived at the A/C Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets station, where the NYPD’s 30th Transit Precinct is located.

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