Russia Arrests 4 Terrorists on Way to Ukraine After Savage Attack Kills 133 in Moscow

[Photo Credit: By Interkomitet.ru, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=146692148]

Arrests have been made by Russian law enforcement in connection with the savage massacre that occurred on Friday night at the Crocus concert hall in Moscow.

As the tragic toll continues to climb, authorities have released the identities and images of four individuals believed to be connected to the incident. The number of casualties is now at least 133, with at least three children lost and 115 individuals still receiving medical care.

According to reports, 44 survivors, including two children, are currently in serious condition, while 16 other victims, including one child, are in an extremely serious condition.

An extremist group has taken credit for the devastating attack, marking it as one of the most lethal incidents in recent Russian history. However there are still serious questions regarding who exactly was responsible for the crime.

The concert hall, located in Krasnogorsk just outside of Moscow, was engulfed in flames and suffered a roof collapse.

According to Russian state news agency Tass, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service informed President Vladimir Putin on Saturday that eleven individuals have been detained in connection with the tragic massacre.

According to Baza media, the incident occurred when a white Renault with Tver region license plates, carrying the suspected terrorists, was halted near the village of Teply, in proximity to the border of Ukraine.

Baza, known for its strong connections with law enforcement, has released images of four individuals believed to be suspects.

These individuals hail from Tajikistan, a neighboring country to Afghanistan and a former Soviet republic.

The individuals in question are Makhmadrasul Nasridinov, 37, Rivozhidin Ismonov, 51, Shohinjonn Safolzoda, 21, and Rustam Nazarov, 29.

Although the group ISIS K has attempted to take credit for the attack on social media, early reports seem to indicate that the perpetrators did not allow themselves to be killed or detonate suicide vests during the attack, hallmarks of actual ISIS attacks in the past, and instead attempted to flee to Ukraine.

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