State of Wyoming Bans Gender Surgeries for Kids

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In a significant development, Wyoming has joined the ranks of states that have banned brutal gender surgeries on minors.

Governor Mark Gordon, a Republican, took a decisive step by signing the legislation that aims to address the controversial and potentially life-altering practice.

This move reflects the growing concerns surrounding these experimental and barbaric procedures.

A bill known as Senate File 99 has been approved by both the state’s House and Senate with strong support.

This bill aims to restrict physicians from carrying out procedures related to gender transitioning and gender reassignment on children.

Gordon, in signing the bill into law, expressed his support for safeguarding children from potentially harmful gender procedures.

However, he also voiced his apprehension about the government overstepping its boundaries and intruding on the private matters of families.

According to Wyo4News, Governor Gordon vetoed a bill in Wyoming that aimed to regulate abortion clinics, citing concerns about potential legal challenges.

However, he did pass a separate bill that bans gender procedures on children.

In 2022, several states led by Republican lawmakers implemented bans on gender surgeries for minors, following a growing number of reports exposing hospitals that were performing these procedures.

After eye-opening findings on VUMC, several states including Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Texas, took action by enacting legislation to safeguard children from undergoing gender surgeries and hormone treatments.

In Montana and Idaho, judges have also issued temporary injunctions against bans on gender surgeries, while a federal judge has invalidated Arkansas’ ban on these procedures.

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