Top Pentagon Commander Tells Congress China Will be Ready to Invade by 2027

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According to a high-ranking US admiral’s testimony, China is currently engaged in significant military and nuclear expansion, reminiscent of the scale seen during World War II.

The evidence strongly indicates that China remains committed to its goal of being fully prepared to invade Taiwan by 2027.

In prepared testimony on Wednesday, Admiral John Aquilino, the leader of the Indo-Pacific Command, informed the US House Armed Services Committee that Beijing’s official defense budget has seen a significant increase of 16% in recent years, reaching a staggering amount of over $223 billion.

“All indications point to the PLA meeting President Xi Jinping’s directive to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027. The PLA’s actions indicate their ability to meet Xi’s preferred time-line to unify Taiwan with mainland China by force if directed.” Aquilino stated.

According to the commander, in the past three years, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has significantly bolstered its military capabilities with the addition of over 400 fighter aircraft and more than 20 major warships.

According to the statement, there has been a significant increase in the inventory of ballistic and cruise missiles since 2020.

According to Aquilino, the Chinese military has also been practicing a range of maneuvers related to potential operations against Taiwan.

This includes conducting simulations of encirclement through maritime and air blockades.

In a statement on Thursday, Lin Jian, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, emphasized that Taiwan is regarded as an internal matter for China.

Furthermore, he accused Washington of contributing to the division within the Asia-Pacific region.

China’s defense budget remains significantly lower than that of the United States. In a recent announcement, President Joe Biden unveiled his proposed Pentagon budget for fiscal 2025, amounting to a staggering $850 billion.

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