US Sends Out Warning About Potential Massive Cyber Attack Against Nation’s Water Supply

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The Biden administration has now issued a cautionary message to states, urging them to remain vigilant against potential cyberattacks targeting water systems.

“Disabling cyberattacks are striking water and wastewater systems throughout the United States. These attacks have the potential to disrupt the critical lifeline of clean and safe drinking water, as well as impose significant costs on affected communities.” Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan wrote in a public letter on Tuesday.

These warnings come in light of persistent threats posed by hackers associated with the governments of Iran and China.

In a recent letter, it was revealed that hackers linked to the Iranian Government Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have targeted drinking water systems.

Additionally, a state-sponsored group from the People’s Republic of China, known as Volt Typhoon, has successfully infiltrated the information technology of drinking water and other crucial infrastructure systems.

These alarming incidents highlight the growing threat posed by cyber attacks on vital resources.

The water system in the United States is a particularly susceptible component of the country’s infrastructure, plagued by inadequate controls, insufficient funding, and shortages in staffing.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plays a crucial role in safeguarding the nation’s water sector against various threats and hazards.

In late November, a hacking group with ties to Iran targeted digital controls manufactured in Israel that are widely utilized in the water and wastewater sectors in the United States.

This cyberattack had a significant impact on numerous organizations spanning multiple states.

Although the incidents did not have any impact on water quality or supplies, they brought attention to the ongoing discussions between the US government and municipal water associations regarding the most effective methods to safeguard the water supply.

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