REPORT: Kinzinger Forced to Abandon Pro-Ukraine Group After Massive Scam Revealed

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According to a spokesperson for CNN, where Adam Kinzinger now works, the former Illinois Republican Representative reportedly quietly resigned from a U.S.-based company that was providing assistance to Ukrainian forces months before media reports revealed the organization is facing an investigation by the federal government. Kinzinger is a former Republican congressman known for his anti-Trump views.

Kinzinger became an unpaid consultant for Ripley’s Heroes in September.

Ripley’s Heroes is a limited liability business that was created in April 2022 by former Lieutenant Colonel Hunter “Rip” Rawlings with the purpose of providing nonlethal help to Ukrainian military.

CNN confirmed that Kinzinger had not served on the company’s board of advisers for several months after allegations were made by other volunteers in Ukraine that an executive at Ripley’s Heroes lied about his military service in Ukraine and after media reports showed that Ripley’s Heroes is the subject of a federal investigation.

According to the release, Kinzinger acted in an advising capacity but did not receive any financial compensation for his work. As recently as June, he conferred with certain individuals from Ripley’s Heroes, including Rawlings, as well as James Vasquez, who serves as the chief strategy officer (CSO) for the group.

Kinzinger had previously spoken highly of Vasquez, referring to him as a “freedom fighter” before it was discovered that he was, in reality, a con artist.

Since then, Ripley’s Heroes has eliminated references of Vasquez as one of “The Heroes” that it backs from a webpage that included such biographies.

Vasquez has been accused of falsifying and misrepresenting his military record, as well as lying about being in combat in Ukraine while allegedly pocketing donations sent to assist the Ukrainian armed forces.

While the case against Ripley’s Heroes involves the allegations that it illegally bypassed U.S. export regulation and also misused donor funds.

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