Child Safety Advocate Brutally Attacked in Canada for Opposing Trans Ideology, Then Police Blame the Victim

[Photo Credit: By Photographer: Dati Bendo - https://audiovisual.ec.europa.eu/en/photo-details/P-051298~2F00-34, Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=129608097]

Child safety advocate Chris Elston, also known as “Billboard Chris,” was reportedly assaulted multiple times by radical and violent trans activists in Vancouver while the police stood by and watched it happen.

The investigating officer for the incident claimed that Chris had incited violence by screaming at activists, and that the assault was a mutual encounter, in spite of a video of the incident showing exactly the opposite.

The incident took place while the police stood by and watched it happen.

Elston came up in Grandview Park in Vancouver, which is where they were holding a “Trans Day of Visibility” Rally, and immediately upon his arrival activists began harassing him.

This situation eventually evolved into an incident in which Eslton suffered a cut on his nose after being assaulted by member of the mob.

After that, Elston was assaulted once again while the cops appeared to stand by and watch the tensions reach a boiling point.

Elston was in the middle of giving an interview when trans activists started crowding around him and yelling profanities.

When he tried to get away from the activist who was yelling in his ear, he was seized by the throat and thrown to the ground. Another activist continued to speak in his ear.

Elston goes to events all around the United States and Canada with his placards to voice his opposition to the practice of prescribing hormone therapy to young people who self-identify as transgender.

He carries sandwich boards with statements raising awareness to the danger transgender surgeries and treatments pose to children in the hopes of initiating meaningful discussion and assisting in the education of the general public of the damages that are being done to children.

Eslton’s arm was broken while standing on Saint-Catherines Street in Québec in March 2021 after a similar attack.

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